To Hestia

I call to Hestia, gentle one, heart of the home,
honored daughter of mighty Kronos and fair Rhea;
as first and last born of those ancient Titans
you take of all first and final offerings.
Peace-loving goddess, tender of Olympos’ flame,
in tranquil pursuits you take pleasure. Hestia,
in the arts of the home we find you, in a warm fire
and a full larder, in a generous spirit
and a soft voice. Goddess, in every house
you hold safe the most profound of intimacies,
the substance of family, the essence of society.
Each home a safe haven, each hearthside your temple,
each flame, each meal, each child tucked into bed
a prayer of gratitude to you, dear goddess.
Hestia, firm-willed one, kind-hearted one, I call to you.

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