To Hermes

I call to Hermes, son of thundering Zeus
and gracious Maia, fair of face and kind of heart;
father of Tyche, granter of serendipity.
In rugged Arcadia, land of your birth,
were you well known and praised by one and all; in all
the ancient world did you receive honors. Throughout
the land stood herms and mounded stones, at crossroads
and at boundaries, in all the far-flung provinces,
marking the path and holding your gift of fortune,
Far-journeying Hermes, guide of the traveler,
fleet-footed god of merchants, god of gamblers and thieves
and all who live by wit and wile and clever words,
master of discretion and finesse. Hermes,
protector of the home, provider of .feast and frolic,
courier of dreams, kind Hermes, I call to you.

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