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To Nike

I call to Nike, daughter of wrathful Pallas
and deep-hearted Styx. Attendant on thundering Zeus,
your firm hand guides his chariot, drawn by the four winds;
with your kin you stand guard by his golden throne.
All who contend, who strive and who spar, are yours;
all who sport and play, for joy or for glory, are yours;
all who wage war, who clash and who kill, are yours.
Golden Nike, blessed goddess, we seek your favor,
to heighten our skill when it may be lacking,
to augment our might where it may be wanting,
to grant us strength of will and swiftness of step,
to steady our hand, to lead us to triumph.
Nike, bright-winged goddess, companion of grey-eyed
Athena, bringer of sweet victory, holder of
the cherished laurel, Nike, I call to you.