To Hera

I call to Hera, queen of lofty Olympos,
dark-eyed goddess, beloved of thundering Zeus,
radiant daughter of Kronos and blessed Rhea.
In times of old were you well loved, in Argos
and in Samos. Many are the tales told of you;
many are your temples, many are your honors,
many are the blessings granted by your goodness.
Wise one, insightful one, you discern and devise
the way most fitting to achieve your ends. Hera,
in a clear blue sky we recognize your favor,
and in a warm spring rain; in a joyous wedding feast,
a constant love, and a harmonious home we know you.
Stately and beautiful goddess, friend of women,
friend of marriage, protector of home and family,
most lovely and exalted goddess, I call to you.

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