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Prayer to Heracles for Protection

Heracles, strong-armed son of Zeus and Alcmene
of the dark eyes, great one whose deeds are well known,
whose ancient stories are yet told throughout the world,
whose glorious name will never be forgotten,
I praise and honor you. Libations you received,
in older times poured out upon the earth as befit
a hero; in later days were offerings made
to you on shining altars and at festivals.
Kind Heracles, friend of mankind, defender
of humanity, I call to you for refuge.
Shelter and shield us from harm, O Heracles;
ward us well, I pray; preserve us from all evil.

To Heracles

I call to Heracles, defender of men,
son of thundering Zeus, husband of bright-hearted Hebe,
who destroyed the raging lion of Nemea
and set the beast to shine among the distant stars,
who changed the course of the river Alpheios,
who slew the wicked Diomedes who fed
his mares on the flesh of men, who ended the life
of the many-headed hydra. In high-walled Thebes,
the city of your birth, were you well honored;
throughout the land did men and women pray to you,
at splendid shrines and at great festivals. A path
of valor you chose in mortal life, heroic one;
in godhood too you guard the world of men.
Heracles, friend of humanity, I call to you.


Heracles, mighty son of thundering Zeus
and incomparable Alcmene, father of
wise kings and great heroes, clever one, courageous one;
Heracles, defender of the children of men,
your shrines and temples stood throughout the land in times
of old, your name was lauded in prayer, your deeds
proclaimed in story and song. Never has your fame
been forgotten, O Heracles; as your tales are
told and retold, as each generation learns anew
of your legend, your glory grows, your honor
increases. Kind Heracles, brave one, strong one
constant friend of man, I praise and honor you.