Prayer to Hermes for a Safe Journey

Swift-footed Hermes, friend of the traveler,
friend of those who find themselves far from their homes,
by will or by chance, I pray to you. Hermes,
who moves between the realms with authority and ease,
who leads men and women on their last, longest journey,
who stands at the crossroad, who watches the byways,
in you I place my trust, for by your might I know
that when I stumble I will rise again, that when
I choose my way I will choose aright. Hermes,
as I make my way through the world, whether I wander
or whether I walk my path with care, be with me.


Hermes of the ready wit and the lightning smile,
wing-footed one who carries the words of the gods,
compassionate one who guides the newly-dead
to the hall of Hades and fair Persephone,
quick-thinking one who takes interest in the world
and works of mankind, whose hand we see in a run
of luck and a clever scheme, I call to you.
Hermes, bearer of the herald’s staff, your gifts are great.
You guard our homes with constancy and care,
you grant to us a portion of your own craft and wile,
you join with us when we revel and are merry,
you stand with us when we are far from home, alone.
You are ever with us, O Hermes; O god
who holds in hand the good of men, I honor you.

Prayer to Hestia and Hermes for Home Economy

I call to Hermes, god of the marketplace,
god of the the deal, from whose hands fall shining coins.
I call to Hestia, goddess of the home,
goddess of good management, who knows the ways of thrift.
Grant me a keen eye to spot a bargain, I pray;
grant that I know false economy from true.
Grant me the craft to repair what is broken,
grant me the sufficiency to save for what may come.
Grant me the wisdom to live with care, O gods,
the discipline and skill to live within my means;
grant me the wit to know my needs and my desires,
grant me the judgment to know the difference.

Prayer to Hermes for Protection of the Home

I praise Hermes of the threshold, Hermes who stands
watch by every home, who guards every gate.
Hermes who keeps safe from harm the households of men,
Hermes who knows the scoundrel and the thief, who knows
them as no other, who knows best the way to drive
all villains from the door, defend my home from all ill,
allow no evil to enter. Hermes, granter
of wit and wile, make of me an able foe
to any who wish me harm. Hermes, I pray to you,
I ask your blessing, grant me your favor.

Prayer to Hermes for a Honeyed Tongue

Wise and cunning Hermes, son of lightning-wielding
Zeus and Maia of the coal-black eyes. clever one
who knew from birth the power of a well-wrought word,
I pray to you. Hermes, friend of those who live
by the work of their wits, sweeten my words
that those who hear them find them agreeable,
sharpen my speech, grant to me skill in all the tricks
of discourse and the subtle arts of rhetoric,
teach to me the craft of persuasion, quicken
my mind, show me how best to parry the advances
of those who oppose me, show me how best to gain
the good will of those whose support I seek. Hermes,
grant that I use your gifts with care and wisdom,
grant that charm merely polish the truth of my words.


Keen-minded Hermes, light-fingered one, light-footed one,
quick and cunning, bright and merry, ever watchful,
ever agile, ever sharp of wit. The wings
at your feet carry you to any landing-place,
in any realm; wearing the cap of Aidoneus,
you tarry, unseen by mortal men. Wielder
of the golden sword, player on the shepherd’s pipe,
god of herdsmen, god of thieves, god of cities
and of pastures, rustic and urbane, you walk
the line between contradictions. Hermes
of the borderland, Hermes of the threshold,
god of the uncertain, consistent and contrary,
you stand in the doorway, you stand at the edge;
the knife-sharp boundary between two worlds is yours.
Hermes, child of rich-tressed Maia and thundering Zeus,
I thank you for your many gifts, I praise your might.

Litany to Hermes

Hermes the messenger, who bears the words of Zeus,
ever-present one who holds the herald’s wand,
wingfooted one who brings the blessings of the gods
to mortals frail and fleeting. Hermes, friend of men,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hermes, friend of the merchant, friend of the trader,
friend of the householder who prays for certainty,
from your hands fall silver and gold, cold coins that warm
our hearths and feed our families. Hermes, kind-hearted one,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hermes the crafty, wise and wily god of tricks,
god of the unexpected, god of swift change
and connections unseen, Hermes who finds a way,
when all roads are blocked, to reach any destination.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Great Hermes, god of the gambler, god of the game,
whose hand we see in the rise and fall of great men
and great nations, granter of luck and guide of
heedless chance, your keen eye sees what mortals cannot.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Silver-tongued Hermes, god of words who grants to men
the gift of persuasion. Patron of diplomats,
of those whose lives and livelihoods depend on smooth
talk and stirring speech, on wit and rhetoric.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hermes, guide of the dead, patient and kind-hearted
leader of the lost, Hermes who stands between
the bright world and the dark, who holds open the gate
as those we love pass into the realm of Persephone.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

To Hermes

I call to Hermes, son of thundering Zeus
and gracious Maia, fair of face and kind of heart;
father of Tyche, granter of serendipity.
In rugged Arcadia, land of your birth,
were you well known and praised by one and all; in all
the ancient world did you receive honors. Throughout
the land stood herms and mounded stones, at crossroads
and at boundaries, in all the far-flung provinces,
marking the path and holding your gift of fortune,
Far-journeying Hermes, guide of the traveler,
fleet-footed god of merchants, god of gamblers and thieves
and all who live by wit and wile and clever words,
master of discretion and finesse. Hermes,
protector of the home, provider of .feast and frolic,
courier of dreams, kind Hermes, I call to you.


Fleet-footed Hermes, messenger of the gods,
soft insistent voice of divinity,
always present, always near, always
just out of reach, just out of sight,
god who steps with ease across any line,
any border, balancing on sword’s edge
or fading into the haze, god of the threshold,
guardian of those within, guide of those without;
Hermes, quick one, clever one, sharp-witted prankster,
companion of those who travel many roads,
of those who walk outside the bounds of custom,
of those whose journey takes them through the dark;
bright Hermes, beloved friend of humankind,
warder of the home, watcher over those
who roam, Hermes, kind one, I honor you.