Steel-eyed Athena, wisest of goddesses,
daughter of thundering Zeus and Metis of good counsel,
patron of great heroes and adventurers,
advisor of princes and kings, your favor falls
on the bold and the clever, on those who dare
and those who tempt the noble Fates. Athena,
weaver of the finest, fairest tapestries,
teacher of art and craft to mortal artisans,
worker of metals, your soft hands guide the flow
of molten ore. Leader of battles, warrior maid,
of tactics and of strategy you know all,
of clever trickery and wiles you are the master;
with words and wit you may win much, with strength of arm
and sharpened sword, at need, you take all contests.
Athena of wisdom, Athena of skills,
goddess of the agile mind, for your works I praise you.

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