Shining Demeter, queen of the fruitful earth,
daughter of great-bosomed Rhea of ancient name,
mother of Persephone, friend of the farmer,
friend of all those who hold hope in their hearts.
You hold in your hands the warm black soil, Demeter,
you hold in your hands the lives of men and women.
By your will it is, goddess, that the fields flourish,
the trees bear sweet fruit; by your goodness it is
that we harvest food enough to feed our families.
Kind you are, Demeter, benevolent one,
and yet never should your favor be presumed,
for your wrath is such that it could end all lives
if such was your desire. Your gifts are precious,
O Demeter, more precious than the gold and jewels
that lie beneath the new-sown seeds; your blessings
are the air we breathe, the bread we eat. Blessed goddess,
Demeter of the great heart, we thank you each day
for all you have given us, all we know of life.

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