I praise bright Artemis, fair as the budding branch,
fair as the spotted fawn, brave as the young bear.
From crafty Hephaistos you took the artful bow,
the sharp-barbed shafts; from father Zeus
you claimed your calling. Far-shooting Artemis,
through the thick of the darkened wood you make your way,
trailing boar and hare, swiftly and silently,
your aim ever flawless, ever kind. Artemis,
light-bringer, mountain-dweller, graceful one who runs
through thorn and thistle with never a scratch, goddess
unparalleled, friend of mothers in their travail,
friend of maidens, friend of the pretty nymphs,
in old Arcadia you roamed the wilderness,
in Tauris you took the blood of men, in Ephesus
you wore the mural crown. The fire of youth
is in you, goddess, the bold and valiant spirit
that marks a child as yours. Free-hearted Artemis,
worthy daughter of Leto, I honor you always.

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