To Persephone

I call to Persephone, fair child of Demeter
and thundering Zeus, springtime-loving goddess,
light-footed goddess, in fields of flowers you dance;
the lovely nymphs are your dearest companions.
Beloved bride of noble Hades, gracious mistress
of the deep underworld, of such stark beauty
and tranquil majesty, queen of ghosts, advocate
of the dead. Always beauty surrounds you, goddess,
whether with your feet amidst the brightest blossoms,
the light of ever-watchful Helios bright against
your unbound hair as you roam the green meadows,
or enthroned in splendor beneath the earth
among the brilliant stones, the gold and silver
that were your bride-gift. Blessed Persephone,
who knows much of life and much of death, I call to you.

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