To Demeter

I call to Demeter, great lady of the land,
friend of the farmer, sustainer of mankind,
daughter of deep-hearted Rhea and wily Kronos,
loving mother of rich-tressed Persephone.
In ancient times were you honored by country folk
above all others; in all the provinces
did men and women pray to you and ask your blessing.
Goddess, we see your hand in rows of golden grain,
in heavy-fruited trees, in fields of scarlet poppies
blooming amongst the barley, in the passing of seasons,
in the fury of a mother wronged. Demeter,
lauded in storied Eleusis, mistress of
those cherished mysteries and sacred rites,
by your might and your compassion do we endure,
do we live our lives. Demeter, I call to you.

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