To Hades

I call to Hades, lord of the dusky underworld,
lord of the dead, provider of hearth and home
to those who have passed from our presence. Mighty one,
elder son of ancient Kronos and good Rhea,
devoted husband of tender Persephone,
to your hall do all men make their way one day.
The riches of the earth are yours as well, Hades;
all the precious gems locked inside sturdy stone,
all the rich ores held within your realm; the seeds
buried in the soil, waiting to pierce the surface,
are likewise of your domain. Benevolent Hades,
granter of wealth, from your hands fall riches untold;
master of dreams, through you do our beloved dead
yet speak; holder of the gates of the world to come,
Hades, final friend of mankind, I call to you.

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