To Poseidon

I call to Poseidon, great god of the seas,
fond husband of ocean-dwelling Amphitrite,
son of ancient Kronos and wild-hearted Rhea,
father of noble kings and mighty heroes.
In distant days were you well known; in Crete your name
was carved in clay; in Corinth were you honored well,
and in all the provinces. Dark-haired Poseidon,
you hold in your hands the waters of the world,
those briny depths that brought us all into life;
that carried mankind to many lands, to gather
wealth and wisdom; that nourished our furthest forebears
and formed the patterns of our lives. Poseidon,
maker and master of horses, trident-bearer,
earth-shaker, lord of the beasts of the deep,
lord of the thrashing waves, sea-god, I call to you.

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