Election Day Prayer to Zeus

I call to Zeus, upholder of the good,
Zeus of the citizen, Zeus of the free,
whose favor falls on the honorable,
whose wrath strikes down the evil. Zeus
who knows the worth of service and of duty,
I pray to you: grant that we choose wisely,
for the good of our nation and of the world.

Brief Prayer to Zeus

Father Zeus, protector of the weak,
help me to be strong against my fears.

Father Zeus, protector of the wronged,
help me to do right by all I meet.

Father Zeus, protector of the home,
help me to safeguard those within my walls.

Father Zeus, help me to do what I must,
be with me as I walk in the world.

Prayer to Zeus for Protection Among Strangers

Great Zeus, Father Zeus, master of Olympos,
bearer of the thunderbolt whose might it is
that draws together the darkening clouds,
well-honored one, kind-hearted god to whom we turn
when we are far from home and family, I call to you.
Zeus, I am alone; I stand in the sphere of strangers.
Friend of the foreigner, friend of the visitor,
friend of those who must rely on the good will
of those unknown, the kindness of the host
to the outsider, I pray to you, lead me
to a place of welcome, bring me safely home again.


Zeus of the lightning-strike, Zeus of the sturdy oak,
we hear you in the clash of thunder, we see you
in the bright-lit night, we feel you in the air,
in the exhilaration of the storm. I praise you,
O god whose will it is that the clouds gather low
in the sky, whose gift of rain pulls life from the earth.

Great Zeus, friend of those who wander the world,
of those who are ever again among strangers,
friend of those who rely on the honor and virtue
of others, I praise you, O god of the righteous
whose wrath falls on those who prey on the exile
and the outcast, the recluse and the solitary.

Zeus of the prophets, Zeus of many oracles,
kindly one whose words we hear in silent voices
or see in the throw of the bones, whose messages
we know by their truth alone. I praise you,
O god who is the source of all visions and signs,
of all that is foretold by mortal seekers and seers.

Prayer to Zeus for Safety from the Storm

Glorious Zeus, king of the starry heavens, master
of the thunderstorm, swift-striking hurler
of firebolt and hailstone, we know your might well,
in torrents of rain, in winds that tear a man
from mother Gaia’s embrace. The summer showers
are yours, O Zeus, that bring the earth to life each year;
yours too is the windstorm, the cyclone, the typhoon.
Each season’s storms, O Zeus, that bear the names
of women and men, are yours to guide; your hand
it is that brings winged death to one house
while its neighbor stands untouched. I pray to you,
O god of the lightning, god of the wild winds,
grant to us your blessing, grant to us your favor,
grant to us your good will. O kind-hearted Zeus,
I pray to you, keep from us the terror of the storm.

Prayer to Zeus, Gaia and Helios for the Witnessing of an Oath

I call to Zeus, great lord of Olympos,
upholder of order, upholder of truth,
to hear the words I speak on this day,
to witness the oath I make before you.

I call to broad-bosomed Gaia, mother
of all that is, who knows of all her children,
to hear the words I speak on this day,
to witness the oath I make before you.

I call to all-seeing Helios, driver
of the chariot of the sun, bright-haired god,
to hear the words I speak on this day,
to witness the oath I make before you.

Hear me, O deathless ones; mark my words
on this day, in this place. Hold me to my vow,
I pray to you, for I bind myself
freely and willingly with this pledge.

Prayer to Zeus for Finding Work

Father Zeus, whose wisdom and firm hand maintain
the realm of the gods and the province of men,
Zeus of the agora, Zeus of the ordered world,
Zeus who rewards those who uphold community,
I pray to you, help me as I seek honest labor,
as I strive to protect my home and feed my family,
to trade my time and effort for fair return.
Zeus Ktesios, Zeus of the household, Zeus of the larder,
kind one, giver of wealth, provider of plenty,
protector of the home and all that lies within,
I pray to you, be my advocate as I search,
stand behind me as I face the marketplace,
guide me to steady work where my skills are needed,
where the wage is fit, where I can contribute
to the good. Zeus, granter of boons, I pray to you.