Brief Prayer to Zeus

Father Zeus, protector of the weak,
help me to be strong against my fears.

Father Zeus, protector of the wronged,
help me to do right by all I meet.

Father Zeus, protector of the home,
help me to safeguard those within my walls.

Father Zeus, help me to do what I must,
be with me as I walk in the world.


3 thoughts on “Brief Prayer to Zeus

    • I think that would depend a lot on the situation and what sort of revolution is desired. Zeus is a protector of the stranger and is very concerned with hospitality and that people be treated well, so he might well be a good helper for the disenfranchised. He would certainly be one to address regarding unfair situations, political and otherwise. He is also, however, about order and the protection of the polis, so it may be that working for change within an existing system would be more within his range of interest.

      There are other gods who are concerned with radical change and transformation (Dionysos comes to mind) but I am not sure that I, personally, would approach them with regard to political issues.

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