Prayer to Asklepios Before a Surgery

Bright Asklepios, father of physicians,
provider of health and healing to men,
giver of wisdom and craft to those
who attend the ill and the injured:
Asklepios, as I entrust my life
and my well-being to those who do your will,
make steady the hands of the surgeon,
make keen her eye and her wit, grant to her
all knowledge and skill required for your work.
Asklepios, friend of mankind, grant to me
the strength and resilience to recover
from all wounds and return to full good health.

Prayer to Asklepios for Help with a Chronic Condition

Asklepios, great-hearted god of the ailing,
the injured, the sickly, the ill. Many folk
have you healed, O worker of wonders, many folk
have you brought back from sickness to health. Yet some
who are wounded expect no recovery. For some
diseases there is no cure–the afflicted ones
must live with their malady, with constant aches
or searing pain, with weakness or with weariness,
enduring what is a companion for life.
For what ails me, there is no remedy, and yet
I pray to you, O reliever of suffering,
to ease my pain, to soothe my soul, to grant to me
more good days than bad. Benevolent Asklepios,
I call to you for comfort, I call to you for respite.


All praise to skillful Asklepios,
son of Apollo and bright Koronis,
kind-hearted god, friend of men and women.
Your gentle touch eases our pain, O god,
your firm hand guides our restoration;
you teach us to live well, to care for
ourselves, to seek the wisdom of Hygeia,
your beloved daughter, good and knowing
goddess who turns the minds of men toward
wholesome food and drink, and healthful pursuits.
Nimble-fingered one, quick-witted one,
by your might does the broken bone set,
the torn flesh mend, the damaged soul heal.
With your help do we bear any hurt,
do we suffer any malady,
do we battle any affliction,
with strength of will and with steadfast heart.
Asklepios, father of physicians,
helper of humanity, I praise you,
I honor you, I thank you for your gifts.

Prayer to Asklepios for Healing

Kind Asklepios, son of far-shooting Apollo,
first of physicians, swiftest of healers, trusted
mender of broken men and women, through you
do the lame walk, the sick renew their good health;
through you are wounds healed, bones knit, and illness
burnt away; by your goodness and might do we regain
joy in our lives. Asklepios, friend of mankind,
I pray to you, I seek your favor. May I
be healed of this affliction, may I recover
through and through, may vigor and vitality
return to me. Asklepios, compassionate one,
learned one, resourceful one, I ask your blessing.

To Asklepios

I call to Asklepios, finest of physicians,
son of far-shooting Apollo, known as Paean,
student of immortal Cheiron, wisest of centaurs,
counselor of heroes. In Epidaurus
were you well honored; many were the supplicants
who prayed to you for healing, many were the cures
granted, the petitions answered, the heartfelt thanks
received by you, O kindly Asklepios.
Throughout the land were you known, did men and women
beg your blessing; your altars overflowed
with their grateful offerings, your temples sheltered
those who sought your favor in dreams. Asklepios,
friend of the people, friend of the suffering, soother
of pain, healer of ills, restorer of health,
good-hearted Asklepios, I call to you.