Prayer to Asklepios for Help with a Chronic Condition

Asklepios, great-hearted god of the ailing,
the injured, the sickly, the ill. Many folk
have you healed, O worker of wonders, many folk
have you brought back from sickness to health. Yet some
who are wounded expect no recovery. For some
diseases there is no cure–the afflicted ones
must live with their malady, with constant aches
or searing pain, with weakness or with weariness,
enduring what is a companion for life.
For what ails me, there is no remedy, and yet
I pray to you, O reliever of suffering,
to ease my pain, to soothe my soul, to grant to me
more good days than bad. Benevolent Asklepios,
I call to you for comfort, I call to you for respite.

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