Prayer to Hestia to Bless the Home

Home-loving Hestia, fair maid who sits by the fire,
first-born of fearful Kronos and deep-souled Rhea,
goddess who is the beating heart of every home,
tender of the altar flame, guardian of the gate,
I pray to you this day, I ask your favor.
All who pass this threshold pass into your realm,
O goddess; may all who dwell within these walls
be under your protection. Hestia, eldest
of the deathless gods, I ask your blessing
on my home and on my family. May we live
our lives in joy and love, may our larder be full,
may we be sheltered from storms, kept safe from all ill,
may only those who wish us well make their way
to our door. Be ever welcome in our home,
O Hestia; be ever present in our hearts.


One thought on “Prayer to Hestia to Bless the Home

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