Prayer to Pan for Relief from Panic and Anxiety

I call to great Pan, lord of the wilderness,
friend of the nymphs and the free-hearted beasts, master
of the winding paths, the tangled trees, the dark
of the deep woods. Pan, whose presence strikes fear into
those who wander, whose might brings mindless terror
at your will, you hold as well the power to grant
a tranquil mind, a spirit at rest, freedom from
a turbulent heart. Pan, take from me the baseless
fright, the pulse-pounding dread that closes the mind
to reason, the circling doubts and worries that freeze
us in place despite all we know to be true. Pan,
grant me strength to fight these unfounded fears, grant me
clarity to see what is false, grant me the peace
of the long view, the comfort of certainty.


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