Fair-haired Persephone, daughter of Demeter,
friend of the nymphs, merry-hearted girls who dance
barefooted and play, carefree, in grassy fields,
wreathed in bright spring flowers. The joy of life is yours,
goddess, the comfort of sun on skin, the dear bonds
of friendship, the refuge of a mother’s love.
Well-crowned Persephone, bride of noble Hades,
queen of the afterworld, clothed in fine silks, adorned
with jewels, enthroned in glory, friend to those who have
passed from this world into yours, advocate of the dead
and the wronged. Kindly Persephone, womanly one,
of transformation do you know much, of the ways
of the earth do you know much; of the life
after life do you know much. Gracious goddess,
friend of mortals, I praise you and thank you for your gifts.

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