To Helios

I call to bright-haired Helios, son of Titans,
brother of the shining moon, driver of horses
swift and bold, flame-maned steeds of such might and spirit,
only the hand of a god can hold them to their course.
On far-flung Rhodes your image stood, wondrous tall,
gazing over the sea, a construct of devotion;
in Corinth too were you well known, honored by all
in the heart of that great and worthy city.
Helios, golden one, bringer of precious daylight,
you gladden the hearts of mortal men and women,
your presence marks each day that passes us by,
your travels mark the seasons of our earthly lives.
The spark of life resides in you, the fire and soul
that drive us forth, we draw from you, great Helios.
Helios, all-seeing lord of the bright sky, I call to you.

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