Ariadne, clever one, impassioned one,
venturesome one of whom great tales are told,
daughter of Crete, of Minos and Pasiphae,
dear grandchild of Helios who sees all things,
beloved of dark-eyed Dionysos,
I praise you. Fair Ariadne, wise one,
comely one, whose graceful, certain feet
trace patterns in the sand as you dance,
whose companions are the free-hearted maenads,
who takes joy in all the sweet things of the world.
Ariadne, ancient one, noble one,
firm of step, true of course, clear of mind.
Through any labyrinth you make your way,
in any intricacy you see design.
Ariadne, whose keen eye sees what is,
whose open heart embraces what may be,
Ariadne, I praise and honor you.

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