Mighty Zeus, Father Zeus, friend of the traveler,
friend of the stranger, friend of the householder.
Wielder of lightning, driver of storms, master
of the hard-flung rains that bring life to the earth.
Of brothers three the youngest, your father’s might
you overthrew with cunning wit, his throne you took,
his world you made your own. Kindly Zeus, watchful Zeus,
your wrath falls on the oathbreaker, the wrongdoer,
the one without honor who preys on his fellows;
likewise, your blessings are on the one who does right,
whose word is good, whose hand is open, whose welcome
is warm, whose integrity is a certainty.
Great Zeus, father of gods, lord of fair Olympos,
wise one, contriving one, maintainer of order,
from the deep earth you rose, in the bright sky you reign.
Zeus of many names, friend of the Fates, I praise you!

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