To Hygeia

I call to Hygeia, daughter of wisdom-loving
Asklepios whose shining temples you share,
ever-watchful sister of dear Panakeia
who knows all remedies. Bright-eyed Hygeia,
foe of the Nosoi who lurk in the unclean corners,
rich-robed goddess, mild and gentle one whose soft touch
and soothing voice give ease to the suffering.
In Athens and in Corinth were you well honored;
in fair Sikyonia did you receive long locks
of the hair of women, did you receive the gifts
of the grateful. Hygeia, holder of the serpent
and the chalice, friend of the honest physician,
granter of the most precious of blessings, who gifts
us with a hale and robust form, with vigor
and vitality, blessed one, I call to you.

Prayer to Hygeia for Help Maintaining One’s Health

Hygeia, gracious goddess whose noble heart
and healing hands are well known to all, kindly
giver of strength and hearty good health to mankind,
I pray to you, help me to tend my body and mind
with care and constancy, grant me the discipline
to moderate my vices, to modify
my habits, to exercise wisdom in my choice
of fare, my work and my rest. May I find my way
to wellness and wholeness, may I become one
who seeks the good. May I be fit to do the work
of my life. Hygeia, who helps those the most who help
themselves, goddess, grant me the resolve to succeed.


Kind Hygeia, granter of health and vigor,
daughter of skillful Asklepios whose wisdom
is the salvation of many, daughter of Epione
who soothes the sharpest of pains, defender against
all illness and disease, foe of the Nosoi,
friend of those who wish to live long and well, who wish
for a whole life. Granter of a strong body
and a strong mind, companion of grey-eyed Athena
whose wisdom upholds the mindful care of self,
your work of health and healing must be sustained by those
in need, your blessings must be borne by those who find
your favor. Hygeia, I praise and honor you.