To Asteria

Asteria who dwells in darkness, star-bright,
mistress of the spangled skies, I praise your name.
Daughter of Phoebe, great of understanding,
and restless Coeus who seeks to know all;
sister of twice-blessed Leto; mother of Hekate
to whom all honors are given, I pray to you.
Beautiful goddess, pursued by thundering Zeus,
in fleeing you became a quail and fell
into the sea, to rise again an island,
fair Delos of famous name. Asteria,
mistress of auguries, lady of the falling star,
great of glory, I praise your wisdom and your might.

2 thoughts on “To Asteria

  1. Reblogged this on Hearthfire Handworks and commented:

    I’ve been mostly-absent from the blog here for a while, particularly in the last few months, due to a lot of “Life Happens” happening. (I’m learning a lot about things I never wanted to know. I’m sure one day it will be valuable experience, but right now it’s a stress inducer, a time sink, and an inspiration stopper.)

    So, I work on my shop, I do not-enough housework, I spend time with my family. I read a little. I say my prayers. I pet the cat and give him treats.

    Most of my recent writing has been prayers, not prose. I often forget to link them here but I’m trying to be better about that.

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