Prayer to Hekate for Protection from Evil

Beloved Hekate, defender of the weak,
protector of those who fear the might of the wicked,
for whom each step into the dark is filled with dread,
I pray to you, I ask your favor. Hekate,
who knows well of all things we mortals most fear,
who knows well how best to drive away all ill,
I ask your blessing. Goddess, preserve my home
and my family from evil, guard us well
against all that would do us harm. Goddess, hold back
the dangers of the dark, grant me wisdom and courage
that I may face my fears and my foes with open eyes.


4 thoughts on “Prayer to Hekate for Protection from Evil

  1. I need some help about hecate I had a dream about saying the words abbda hecate. I never researched it please give some insight.

  2. Reblogged this on Betwixt the Trees and commented:
    Hecate is at the forefront of my mind today. Interesting, since this is appropriate to some “stuff” happening in my home right now.

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