Hera of the deep heart, beautiful goddess
whose true radiance would blind mortal eyes,
whose steps fall softly in the golden halls
of storied Olympos. In silks your fair form
is draped, O Hera, heavy with jewels is your crown,
the sweetest of perfumes surround you; in ancient
times you received the highest honors, the finest
of offerings were ever yours, your shining temples
stood across the land. Hera, defender of cities,
protector of marriage, champion of the love
that upholds a family, that cherishes a child,
you are the friend of those who hold the household dear.
Queen of the heavens, holder of the lotus staff,
the poppy and the pomegranate have you
in hand. Hera, supreme in dignity and grace,
unsurpassed in goodness and kindness, I praise you.


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