Prayer to Dike that Justice Be Done

Wise and watchful Dike, daughter of thundering Zeus
and Themis in whom order resides, goddess
never forgotten, we know you now as Justice,
sword and scales in hand. Before the court you stand
in silence, keeper of truth, champion of the right,
upholder of integrity; you reward the honest man
and punish the wrong-doer, the wicked and the false.
Blessed Dike, the court is your temple
and to you do I offer my prayers for justice.
Grant to all concerned your honorable spirit,
O goddess; may all words spoken under oath
be whole and true. May all those who hold mastery
and might be of good intent, may they be fair-minded,
may they deem reason and righteousness to be
most grave and weighty matters. Dike who knows
the guiltless from the errant, I pray to you.

2 thoughts on “Prayer to Dike that Justice Be Done

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