Prayer to Demeter for a Good Harvest

Demeter, gracious goddess who grants to mankind
the gift of grain, whose might it is that brings the trees
to fruit, whose hand we see as buds become blossoms,
who taught to men the art of the seed, whose blessing
we beg, whose wrath we dread, goddess, I pray to you.
The green shoot is yours, Demeter, and the root
that clings to the black soil. In one fair arm you hold
a sheaf of golden wheat, in the other a poppy,
blood-red and fragrant; by your good will we are fed
in body and in soul. Essential Demeter,
friend of the farmer, by whose power do we survive,
I pray to you, show to us a fruitful season,
bless us with an abundant harvest, food enough
to bring us through the long winter. For your goodness
and your kindness we thank you, Demeter; for your
favor we pray to you, O bountiful goddess!

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