Prayer to Eileithuia for a Woman in Childbirth

I pray to Eileithuia, gracious granter
of relief to those who lie in childbed,
daughter of mighty Hera within whose realm
you wield your gift, O ancient one who sits
at the feet of the Fates. Eileithuia, easer
of the travail of women, gentle-handed
one who gives us strength to bear the racking pains
of childbirth, leader to life of all who ever
trod upon the fair-faced earth. O Eileithuia,
kind-hearted one, deliverer from pain,
I pray to you for the health of mother and child.
I ask of you, comfort this woman in the throes
of birth, aid her in her labor, safeguard her
and her child as it enters the bright-lit world.

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