To Dike

I call to true-hearted Dike, righteous goddess
who knows the good we do, who knows as well the ill.
Daughter of thundering Zeus whose integrity you share,
child of order, mother of the peace of the good,
friend of the Furies, those vengeful ones who pursue
the evil and the wrongful, the tyrant and the brute.
Dike, straight-standing one who holds the scales of truth,
lover of justice, lover of the law, who knows
when judge or advocate has been untrue, who brings
the one who has betrayed his trust before the court
of mighty Zeus, who hears all oaths. Clear-sighted Dike
who hears the pleas of the wronged, who answers the cries
of the oppressed, who rages against the unjust,
granter of good to the wise and the mindful,
goddess who knows the hearts of all, I call to you.

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