Prayer to Aphrodite to Bring Love into One’s Life

Tender-hearted Aphrodite, friend of the lonely,
friend of those who seek a lover, a companion
for life, a mate to share their sorrows and delights;
Aphrodite, you touch the center of the soul,
you light the flame of passion in men and women,
you hold our hearts in your gentle hands. Goddess,
fair one, kind one, giver of the most precious gifts,
open my spirit to joy and gladness, open
my mind to possibility, open my heart
to love. Heal me of hurt, release me from fear;
grant me the innocence of first love that I may
see the world in all its promise and beauty;
grant me the wisdom of experience that I may
choose with sense and judgment. May my eyes be keen,
may my vision be true, may I see what is
more clearly than what may be. Aphrodite,
I pray to you, goddess, grant me your gift of love.


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