Deep-eyed Hera, beloved bride of mighty Zeus,
mighty goddess, fair of face and silent of step,
noble your manner, stately and poised your form,
a queenly presence is ever yours, godly
in glory, womanly in grace and beauty.
Beloved Hera, patroness of kings and princes,
friend of women, of mothers, upholder of marriage,
of the right of lovers to join hearts and hands;
lavish your gifts, liberal your hand, limitless
the blessings you bestow on those you favor.
Hera, the broad sky is yours, and the sweet air
we breathe; to you we turn to for harmony
and wedded bliss; to you we turn to for strength
in the passion and turmoil and hard work of marriage;
to you we offer our thanks for a life of love.
Well-crowned Hera, beautiful one, revered one,
greatest of goddesses, I praise and honor you.

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