Eros, bright-winged god, I open my heart to you.
Born of chaos, first out of the void, you entered
the world and all became yours. Child of love and strife,
fairest among the deathless gods, dear companion
of golden Aphrodite, your power touches us all.
Eros, beautiful one, compelling one, your charm
and grace are surpassed by none; your hand is in our lives,
so subtle, so plain, so devious and demanding.
The course of love is never smooth, this we all know;
creation is a noisy, disorderly thing
and harmony is a long, slow process; love too,
O Eros, shifts and wavers, balance is fleeting,
and two hearts meet, for mere moments only, and yet
that is enough. Eros, raging inspiration
of lovers and poets, swift-shooting one whose aim
is without flaw, whose prey is forever changed;
Eros, who sets alight the desires of men,
who overwhelms reason, who conquers all wisdom,
whose might renders weak the strong and the steadfast,
I praise your name, I thank you for your many gifts.

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