Glorious Athena, whose spirit stands so tall
and strong in shining cities, whose comfort is sought
by great heroes and by those who aspire to greatness,
whose courage and cleverness are without equal,
gracious Athena, I honor and revere you.
Athena, advisor of kings and queens, granter
of wisdom to those with wit to seek it, goddess
whose eye is ever fixed on the horizon,
goddess who is open to all possibilities,
goddess who is aware of all options, goddess
who in every game thinks ahead to its every
ending. Athena, mistress of the long view,
I call to you to show me what will be, I call
to you to guide me through the world’s intricacies.
Athena, steel-eyed goddess, I sing of your might,
I praise your name, I thank you for your many gifts.

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