Ares, courageous one, strong of arm, quick of wit,
swift to respond to any danger, any threat,
on the battleground you stand, unyielding god.
As fields of blood turn to fields of flowers,
you hold the fallen ever dear, each name you know,
each lost life you honor. Well honored in Thrace
and in Scythia, your golden helm shines bright,
your sharp sword cuts down the foe with cunning craft.
To the soldier in peril you grant your strength;
to those living in fear you grant the will to fight
or to flee; to those who struggle you grant the
heart’s fire that forges ambition, that forms victory.
Ares, upholder of the might of men, companion
of those who make war and those who defend
home and family, in trenches and in tanks,
on the grounds of battle and of burial, you are there.
Ares, brave one, bloody one, leader of men
who does what must be done, I praise and honor you.

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