Prayer to Artemis to Protect a Young Girl

Artemis, daughter of kindly Zeus and fair Leto,
friend of young maids in their merry games and dances,
I pray to you, O goddess, watch over __________
in her travels through the world. Keep her safe from harm,
guard her from evil, protect her from all ill,
grant her the strength to overcome all obstacles,
grant her the resilience to recover from loss,
grant her the wisdom to find her way through the dark,
grant her true friends to join her on her journey.
Show her the joy in life, the pleasures of today
and the promise of tomorrow. Give her the gift
of a mind turned ever toward happiness and hope.
Artemis, defender of maidens, of frank
and forthright youth, I praise you and honor you.
I seek your favor, goddess; I ask your blessing.


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