To Hephaistos

I call to Hephaistos, ingenious son of Hera,
father of fair-tressed maids and bold-hearted heroes.
On the isle of Lemnos, where stood your fiery forge,
a land beloved by you above all others,
were you well honored; by those who work in bronze
and smith hot iron were you lauded throughout
the land. With grey-eyed Athena you stood
over high-pillared Athens, side by side,
guarding the splendid city of your common heir.
Mighty Hephaistos, master of all craft and art,
builder of palaces, maker of keen-edged swords
and impenetrable armor, creator of
all manner of finely-worked trinkets and baubles.
Beauty falls from your hands, Hephaistos, as artistry
falls to those you favor. God of skills, I call to you.

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