To Artemis

I call to Artemis, fleet-footed bow-woman,
roamer in the woodland, wild-willed mistress of beasts,
fierce-hearted protector of young girls. Artemis,
daughter of thundering Zeus and blessed Leto,
sister of bright Phoebus, the lovely nymphs attend you.
On Delos and in Ephesos your name was spoken
with reverence and devotion; in all the lands
your temples stood, ever fragrant with sweet incense.
The creatures of the wood gather around you;
the graceful deer, the bear and the boar, all are yours.
Artemis, friend of the hunter and the fisher,
friend of mothers and midwives and all small nurslings,
friend of maidens, unfettered and free of spirit,
far-shooting goddess, goddess of the strong voice
whose words of the heart are heard, I call to you.

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