Brilliant Artemis, daughter of mighty Zeus
and noble Leto, huntress and markswoman
whose aim never fails, watchful guardian of the young,
guide of maidens as they begin their life’s journey,
honored receiver of the tokens of childhood,
soother of the pains of childbirth, taker as well
of the lives of mothers, always-merciful one.
Artemis, dancer in moonlight, wood-wandering
goddess, companion of the ever-playful nymphs,
joining in their merriment and games, your own skill
and grace the greatest by far. Artemis, wild one,
unlimited by custom or expectation,
shining goddess, your beauty pure and uncontrived
yet all the richer for it, your ferocity
told in tales of justice and vengeance alike,
caretaker of the threshold, the edge between
freedom and obligation, between savagery
and civility, goddess of nature, goddess
of instinct, goddess of passion, I honor you.

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