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To Anteros

Kindly Anteros, good of heart and great of mercy,
son of brave Ares and sea-born Aphrodite,
brother of Eros who aims his sharp shafts
at one and all, yours is a treasure more precious than gold:
a love requited and returned. Shining Anteros,
bright-winged as the butterfly, a love long-lived
is yours to give, a heart filled full with all delight,
the solace of a life’s companion, the sweetness
of fulfilled desire. Friend of the faithful, good Anteros,
your blessing comes to the tender-hearted–
your wrath to those who play at love, whose cruelty snuffs
a steady flame. Grant me your favor, compassionate one.

To Pothos

To Pothos, great of repute, great of might,
imminent and inevitable, companion
of fair Aphrodite and the Erotes,
yours is the gift of sweet desire that fills the heart
and fires the loins, a gift that sears the soul.
Yours is the cup of passion, from which you pour,
lavishly and with abandon, upon all humankind,
a blessing of unreason, an irresistible call;
yours is the longing of the lovelorn, the yearning
of the distant lover, of those torn from the arms
of their beloved, separated by need, by duty,
or by sorrowful circumstance. Pothos, to you I pray.

To Tethys

All praise to wise Tethys, great goddess of seas,
daughter of earth and star-strewn sky,
companion of bountiful Oceanos,
mother of sea nymphs and river gods.
Gentle goddess, nourisher of the young,
help of the helpless, friend of the caregiver
and the nurse, guide of those lost at sea,
teacher and counsel of unsurpassed Hera,
Tethys, mistress of the tides, mistress
of the waterflow, I call to you.
I honor you, good and gracious Tethys,
I offer you my praise and seek your blessing.